Gabon Whale watching

There are currently no legally enforced whale watching guidelines in Gabon. Gabon plans to expand and diversify ecotourism as part of its long-term development goals. WCS collaborated with Gabon's National Parks Agency (ANPN) and the General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture (DGPA) to create whale watching guidelines for operators as well as a guide for tourists interested in going on Gabonese whale watching trips. In Gabon, whale watching operators continue to be poorly managed; there is no official process for registering and policing whale watching vessels. Guidelines based on internationally recognised standards (including those of the IWC) have been distributed, however. While compliance remains patchy, general behavioural improvements have been observed. Some areas, particularly Port Gentil, still require significant management effort for whale watching.

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Gabon has no whale-watching laws. Gabon's long-term development goals include expanding and diversifying ecotourism.