Resolution 1993-6

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Resolution on a Sanctuary in the Southern Ocean

The International Whaling Commission -

- AWARE that the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling provides inter alia for the adoption of regulations fixing open and closed waters, including the designation of sanctuary areas;

- RECALLING France's proposal at IWC 44 that a sanctuary be designated in the waters of the Southern Ocean;

- CONSCIOUS of the views of member States as expressed in formal submissions as well as the work carried out at IWC 44 and 45;

- Recalling its Resolution on a sanctuary in the Southern Ocean and its resolution on the need for research on the environment and whale stocks in the Antarctic region, both adopted at IWC 44;


- ENDORSES the concept of establishing a sanctuary in the Southern Ocean;

- RESOLVES to address outstanding legal, political, ecological, geographical, management, financial and global environmental issues relating to such a sanctuary;

- INVITES member States and other States concerned as well as relevant organisations active in the area to enhance their scientific and monitoring activities which are relevant to the purpose of the sanctuary;

- ACCEPTS the offer from the Government of Australia to host an intersessional open-ended working group of member states to address the above mentioned outstanding issues and to formulate recommendations with the view to enable the Commission to take a full decision on the sanctuary at IWC 46.