Resolution 1995-8

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Resolution on Small Cetaceans

RECALLING IWC Resolution 1996-4 which acknowledged the progress which had been made in identifying threats to particular populations of small cetaceans, welcomed the measures which had been taken to conserve them, and recommended that scientific work to identify and analyse such threats should continue;

CONCERNED, despite the progress which has been made about the impact of direct and incidental catches on certain populations of small cetaceans;
WISHING to encourage and continue scientific work to identify and analyse such threats, and practical measures to address them;

APPRECIATING the data on small cetacean bycatches which a number of Parties have already provided;

NOW THEREFORE the Commission:
ENDORSES the Scientific Committee’s recommendations on the need for further research into, in particular, the impact of bycatches on, and the distribution and stock structure of small cetaceans;

REQUESTS all Parties to take appropriate steps to address the Scientific Committee’s concerns about the impact of bycatches and directed takes on small cetaceans;

CONGRATULATES the Japanese Fisheries Agency on the institution of species-specific domestic catch limits for striped dolphins and welcomes the research which it has undertaken to determine whether a separate coastal stock of this species exists;

CONGRATULATES the Government of Mexico for convening the first meeting of an International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita in January 1997, and its continuing efforts to protect this species;

WELCOMES the further work which the Scientific Committee has done to develop criteria for assessing the population status of harbour porpoises to assist in assessing whether such populations may be threatened by mortality due to fisheries bycatches;

URGES Parties to undertake relevant research and to continue to provide information on directed and incidental catches of small cetaceans to assist the Scientific Committee in assessing the status of, and threats to, small cetacean populations.