Resolution 1997-10

Decisions Document Number
Long Title
Resolution for the Establishment of an Advisory Committee to the Secretariat and Commissio

RECALLING previous discussions held amongst Commissioners on the need to establish an Advisory Committee to the Secretariat in dealing with significant administrative issues;
NOTING that such an Advisory Committee already functions on an informal basis;
DESIRING to formalise this arrangement;
NOW THEREFORE the Commission:
DECIDES to establish an Advisory Committee whose role would be one of support and not to make policy decisions nor to micro-manage the Secretariat’s work;
AGREES that this Committee should comprise the Chairman, Vice Chairman, the Secretary and two Commissioners to broadly represent the interests within the IWC forum. The appointment of the Commissioners will be for two years on alternative years;
NOTES that the Advisory Committee will work with the Commission to develop guidelines for a review to be undertaken of the IWC’s administrative systems;
NOTES the proposed role of the Advisory Committee in the selection and appointment of an external consultant to undertake the administrative review and in finalising the Terms of Reference for this review;
ACKNOWLEDGES that the Advisory Committee will report back on the findings of the review to IWC 51, for consideration by the Commission.