Resolution 1997-9

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Resolution on the need for an Administrative Review

RECALLING that the Secretariat was established to service the IWC in its implementation of the 1946 International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling; and has operated for nearly fifty years during which time it has only undergone one review of its administrative systems;

CONSIDERING that, while IWC’s administrative systems are adequate, they should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are brought into line with modern management practices;
NOW THEREFORE the Commission:

AGREES to authorise an external review of the IWC’s administration systems to be completed in 1998, in time for consideration by the Commission at IWC 51, with a budget of no more than £50,000;
REQUESTS that the “Advisory Committee” consider the following Terms of Reference as a basis for this review:
The Consultant would review and recommend ways in which both the efficiency and effectiveness of the IWC administration can be further developed, in particular on:

(i) the structure, duration, focus and frequency of the annual IWC and intersessional meetings to determine whether they could be better focused;
(ii) the Secretariat’s activities and financial resources, to determine what types of strategic and financial planning are required;
(iii) the Secretariat’s communications systems and the issue of languages used in the Commission;
(iv) the Secretariat’s information exchange and publication management systems;
(v) the management of the Secretariat’s human resources and performance indicators; and
(vi) the IWC’s relationship with member states.
REQUESTS that the Advisory Committee select and appoint an external consultant to undertake such a review and to report back to IWC 51 on its findings for consideration by the Commission.