Resolution 1998-8

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Long Title
Resolution on Cooperation between the IWC and CITES

WHEREAS it is the purpose of the International Whaling Commission to provide for the effective
conservation and management of whale stocks;

WHEREAS the IWC is the universally recognised competent international organisation for the management of
whales and whaling;

RECALLING that the IWC has passed resolutions welcoming the continuing cooperation between CITES and
the IWC on the issues related to trade in whale meat, and urging all governments to continue to support IWC
and CITES obligations with respect to this issue;

WHEREAS the Conference of the Parties to CITES recognised in Res. Conf. 2.9 the mandate of the IWC, and
requested that the CITES secretariat consult with the IWC concerning proposals to amend the CITES

ACKNOWLEDGING that all species of whales in the Schedule to the IWC have been listed in Appendix I by
CITES (with the exception of the West Greenland stock of minke whales which is listed in Appendix II by
CITES) pursuant to and in recognition of the establishment of zero quotas for commercial whaling agreed by
the Contracting Governments to the IWC, and other decisions of the IWC relating to the status of great whale

WHEREAS CITES has recommended that Parties not issue any import or export permits for trade in any
whale stocks for which the IWC has set zero catch limits;

WELCOMING the recent decision by the 10th Conference of the CITES parties to uphold Res. Conf. 2.9
EXPRESSES its appreciation to the Conference of the Parties to CITES for its reaffirmation of the relationship
between CITES and the IWC;

RECOGNISES the important role of CITES in supporting the conservation of whale stocks and the IWC’s
management decisions, and reaffirming the importance of continued cooperation between CITES and IWC;

REAFFIRMS the need for Contracting Governments to observe fully IWC resolutions (IWC Resolution 1994-
7; IWC Resolution 1995-6; IWC Resolution 1996-3; IWC Resolution 1997-2) addressing trade questions, in
particular with regard to the problem of illegal trade in whale products;

URGES all governments to provide the information specified in previous resolutions to the Commission;
DIRECTS the IWC Secretariat to forward this resolution, and this year’s reports of the Infractions Sub-
committee and the Scientific Committee to the CITES Secretariat.