Resolution 1998-4

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Resolution on whaling under Special Permit

WHEREAS Article VIII of the Convention provides for the issuing by Contracting Governments of special
permits for scientific research and paragraph 7 (b) of the Schedule establishes a sanctuary in the Southern

RECALLING previous resolutions on whaling under special permits adopted by the Commission (1995-9,
1996-7 and 1997-5), relating to lethal scientific research in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean;

NOTING that in 1997 the Commission affirmed that the JARPA and JARPN programmes did not address
critically important research needs for the management of whaling in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific

REGRETS that despite multiple IWC resolutions affirming that these lethal research programmes did not
address critically important research needs, the Government of Japan continues the programmes of lethal
research, particularly in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

DIRECTS the Scientific Committee, with respect to all special permit research programmes, to continue to
identify non-lethal methods and alternative sources of data that might be used in meeting the stated research

INSTRUCTS the Secretary to notify the Contracting Government concerned if a continuing or proposed
special permit research programme does not meet critically important research needs, as determined by the
Commission in the above resolutions;

NOTES the grave concerns of eminent members of the international scientific community over the
continuation of lethal whale research programmes which were specified in a letter, (IWC/50/17) of 23 January
1998, to the Chairman of the Commission; in particular; “that moral and ethical isssues are properly raised

A single research programme results in over 2,500 cetaceans being killed over 8 years, with the prospect of
another 8 years to come; and

Whale meat and other whale products resulting from lethal scientific whaling are being sold in commercial
markets, while a moratorium on commercial whaling remains in force.”

REQUESTS that the Secretariat undertake, for the next Annual Meeting of the International Whaling
Commission, a comprehensive review of the ethical considerations taken into account by other international
scientific organizations with respect to scientific research;

RECOMMENDS that, if whales are killed under the provisions of Article VIII of the Convention, this should
be done in a manner consistent with the provisions of Section III of the Schedule;

REAFFIRMS its previous request that the Government of Japan refrain from issuing any further permits for
the take of minke whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and the North Pacific Ocean.