Resolution 1999-7

Decisions Document Number
Long Title
Resolution on Small Populations of Highly Endangered Whales

RECALLING THAT the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling recognises the interests of the
nations of the world in safeguarding the great natural resources represented by the whale stocks;

NOTING THAT the following small populations, (numbering 500 or less), of great whales remain highly
endangered from previous over-exploitation and some are threatened with extinction:

The Okhotsk Sea and Spitsbergen stocks of bowhead whales;
The Eastern Canadian Arctic (the Baffin Bay/Davis Strait and the Hudson Bay) stocks of bowhead whales;
The Western North Pacific stock of gray whales;
All four Northern stocks of right whales; and
Various blue whale stocks in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres;
FURTHER NOTING that some of these small populations have been subjected in recent years to direct takes
and anthropogenic sources of mortality, including by-catches and ship strikes;

WELCOMES the initial agenda for the 2000 meeting of the Scientific Committee at which the status and trends
of small populations of highly endangered great whales will be discussed and the summary findings reported to
the Commission;

ENCOURAGES member and non-member governments to send appropriate representatives and documents to
the next meeting of the Scientific Committee to facilitate this work;

CALLS UPON all governments whose nationals have in recent years taken whales from any of these populations
of highly endangered whales to refrain from authorising any further takes until the Scientific Committee
concludes that adequate scientific advice is available to demonstrate that such takes will not cause a continued
threat to the survival or recovery of these populations;

REQUESTS that the Secretariat transmit the text of this Resolution to the Government of Canada.