Resolution 1999-1

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Long Title
Resolution arising from the Workshop on Whale Killing Methods

NOTING that the terms of reference for the 1999 IWC Workshop on Whale Killing Methods included the
consideration of all methods of killing currently in use in whaling or known to be in development, and specified
that a comparative analysis of the methods be undertaken with a view to improving whale killing techniques and
minimising times to irreversible insensibility and death;

RECALLING IWC Resolution 1997-1 which urged aboriginal subsistence whalers to do everything possible to
reduce still further any avoidable suffering caused to whales in such hunts;

RECOGNISING the efforts made by some countries to provide information on research and improvements in
hunting methods;

WHEREAS the Workshop submitted its report, IWC/51/12, to the Commission for consideration;
Now THEREFORE the Commission
1. COMMENDS the Report of the Workshop and accepts the 11 point Action Plan (which appears as Appendix
1 of the Chairman’s Report of the 51
st Annual Meeting) as the basis for advice to members of the IWC.
2. ENCOURAGES where possible the submission to the annual meetings of the Working Group on Whale
Killing Methods and Associated Welfare Issues, and future Workshops of relevant information such as:

number of whales killed by each method;
number and proportion of total whales killed instantaneously;
time to death for each animal not killed instantly;
number of whales targeted and missed;
number of whales struck and lost;
calibre of rifle where used and how many bullets used;
methods used to determine unconsciousness/time of death.
3. ENCOURAGES the development of more accurate indicators for determining time to death other than
cessation of movement.

4. RECOGNISES the difficulty in some aboriginal subsistence hunts of obtaining time to death information; and
notes that, where it can be assessed, the lack of information regarding time to death on aboriginal subsistence
hunts prohibits an assessment of any improvement in these hunts.

5. ENCOURAGES all Contracting Governments to provide appropriate technical assistance to reduce time to
unconsciousness and death in all aboriginal subsistence whaling