Resolution 2001-13

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Resolution on Small Cetaceans

Resolution 2001-13
Resolution on Small Cetaceans
APPRECIATING the valuable work of the Standing Sub Committee on Small Cetaceans (SCSC) and recognising
the usefulness of its findings to other international and regional bodies;

COMMENDING the SCSC’s species and population-specific reviews which enable the Scientific Committee and
Commission to make species-specific recommendations;

NOTING in particular the Scientific Committee’s recent acknowledgement of the critically endangered status of the
baiji and vaquita, the depleted or unknown status of many beluga stock and the uncertain status of the narwhal;

NOTING the continuing and critical threat to some small cetaceans posed by directed takes and their incidental
capture in fisheries operations;

WELCOMING the information on direct and incidental takes of small cetaceans provided by some Contracting
Governments through their annual progress reports to the IWC;

RECOGNISING the Government of Mexico’s recovery strategy for the vaquita, the objective of which is to reduce
by-catches of vaquita as rapidly as possible;

CONCERNED that, in the absence of information on population status, trends and distribution, takes and other
anthropogenic removals, the removal of certain small cetaceans may be detrimental to the survival of that species;

REGRETTING that, despite repeated requests for information and action on certain species and populations, the
requested information and action have not always been forthcoming;

COMMENDS Contracting Governments who have instigated/taken conservation measures in relation to small
cetaceans in their waters and through other regional bodies;

URGES Contracting Governments to respond to outstanding and future requests from the Scientific Committee for
information on the status of, and threats to small cetaceans and recommendations for action;

DIRECTS the Scientific Committee to undertake a regular review of the extent to which outstanding
recommendations and resolutions relating to small cetaceans have been fulfilled;

CALLS ON Contracting Governments to report to the extent practicable information on all direct and non-direct
takes and other anthropogenic removals in their national progress reports;

URGES Contracting Governments to take all appropriate measures to prevent, minimise and mitigate by-catch of
small cetaceans in fisheries operations;

SUPPORTS the recommendations of the Scientific Committee in 1999 that beluga range states continue studies to
resolve the structure of beluga stocks, conduct contaminant analysis and health assessments and provide relevant
scientific data to the Scientific Committee;

FURTHER URGES narwhal range states to respond to the recommendations of the Scientific Committee in 1999 to
undertake genetic and telemetry studies to identify stocks and improve catch reporting, as well as to assess the
potential impact of threats including radionuclide contamination;

FURTHER URGES all Contracting Governments to respond to the Scientific Committee’s requests to report
progress on the conservation of critically endangered species, including baiji;

ENCOURAGES Contracting Governments to offer technical, scientific and financial support to range states to assist
their small cetacean conservation measures;
2001-13.doc 2 15/05/12 11:26
URGES the IWC under its Memorandum of Understanding with the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) to
pursue complementary and mutually supportive actions in respect of small cetaceans.